Work from Home
Internet Requirements

What are the internet requirements if your position requires you to use your residential internet connection for work?
In order to ensure optimal performance of our remote technology, internet connections must be obtained through broadband or fiber optic. Minimum speed requirements are as follows:
  • 10MBPS download
  • ​​​5MBPS upload

How do I find out what my current internet speed is?
Contact your internet service provider or you can run a speed test from a personal device connected to your Wi-Fi using
How can I find which internet service providers are in my area?
You can visit and enter your zip code to see providers in your area.  Please note: Internet connections obtained through a satellite service or mobile hotspots do not satisfy The Cigna Group's, including its divisions, internet requirements.

Will I need a separate internet connection for work use if there are others in my home that use the same internet?
Most basic residential internet connections should be sufficient to support an employee working at home, even if other household members use the connection. If the use of a residential internet connection by others in your household interferes with your ability to work, you may want to consider upgrading your residential internet connection.

Will The Cigna Group monitor the personal use of my residential internet connection?
No, The Cigna Group does not monitor the personal use of your residential internet connection.