Leadership Development

NOTICE: The 2023-2024 recruiting season for this program has ended! You can check back in the summer for any updates or visit our events page to see if we'll be on your campus (virtually and/or in person) in the near future.
MLDP associates volunteering at a local food bank
Modern-day marketers are expected to be on top of all the latest trends and technologies while specializing in a multitude of skills and abilities. Sounds daunting, right? We thought so too. That’s why we created the Marketing Leadership Development Program (MLDP) to give you the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to turn you into a well-rounded, creative, and savvy professional.

This program is designed to introduce participants to marketing at The Cigna Group through a 10-week summer internship experience. But want to hear the best news? Those who excel during their internship will be offered a full-time position as part of the MLDP after graduation.

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Summer internship experience:

As a summer intern, you'll work on meaningful projects that contribute to the business, while collecting the skills and knowledge necessary to turn you into a modern-day marketing professional.

Examples of projects for undergrad students could include learning how to map buyer journeys for B2B personas or planning and event execution for a conference or tradeshow. Those in the final year of their MBA could focus on creating broker engagement campaigns to build the sales pipeline or developing an analysis of disrupters in the health care space and providing recommendations for how we should respond.

There's no question that you'll work hard during your summer with us, but we also reward hard work by throwing in fun activities like volunteer events, team social activities, and face-to-face time with senior leaders. 
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MLDP associates at a volunteer event
MLDP associates working on a group project

Rotational program areas of exposure:

Upon joining The Cigna Group full-time after your internship as a full-time member of the Marketing Leadership Development Program, you may rotate through a combination of the following areas to broaden your perspective and marketing expertise including:

  • Brand
  • Brand Sponsorships
  • Business Marketing
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Customer Experience
  • Field Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Technology
  • Social Media
  • And More
​​​​​​​Each full-time associate will be exposed to at least one business-facing rotation and one Center of Excellence (COE) rotation.

Example of rotations available to program participants:

Rotation 1 - National Segment Marketing Communications

In this rotation, you'll focus on partnering with national segment business partners in developing the B2B story and value proposition for our largest employer groups.

Rotation 2 - Digital Marketing

As part of this rotation, you'll be responsible for reporting customer feedback and actions to continually upgrade the online experiences for our customers, as well as converting data into actionable insights for stakeholders and leaders.

Rotation 3 - US Business Operations

In this role, you'll be responsible for driving both the B2B and B2C Business Marketing strategies. This includes not only optimizing marketing strategy and tactics across all business marketing teams but also amplifying value and results to the teams' marketing supports.

Sample role after program graduation - Field Marketing Lead

Congratulations on graduating from the program! After earning the role of Field Marketing Lead, you'll be responsible for maximizing Marketing's impact by partnering with market presidents to meet their sales goals, building out marketing strategy, and more.

​​​​​​​Take it from them...

David G. headshot

David G., U.S. Business Marketing Advisor

"Reflecting back to the start of my tenure at The Cigna Group, as an intern in 2015, I could not have asked for a better place to start my early career than with the Marketing Leadership Development Program. Being a member of the MLDP has allowed me to grow tremendously, both personally and professionally, though many diverse roles, unique leadership opportunities and a vibrant network of colleagues. All of which has cultivated a strong foundation for me to build off of as I progress in my career. I’m currently in my final rotation within U.S. Business Marketing, leading the marketing strategy for several of our core medical solutions."

Taylor V. headshot

Taylor V., Marketing

"The MLDP has allowed me to build a strong foundational network which has helped me both personally and professionally. The connections that I’ve made taught me how to become a stronger marketer, and have also made me feel at home in such a large and supportive community. I’m currently transitioning into my graduation role as marketing lead for Taft-Hartley, which will focus on helping the business achieve their growth goals through various marketing research and acquisition initiatives."
Sneh S. headshot

Sneh S., Market Insight Advisor

"The MLDP has been an invaluable experience in my career. As a program member, I was continuously pushed outside of my comfort zone and encouraged to explore new roles and skillsets that I may never have considered. At the same time, the program provided structure and support through senior leadership mentorship, a robust curriculum, and a strong community of current members and graduates. Now, as an alum, I feel much more comfortable navigating ambiguous situations and complex relationships than many of my peers that have not had this type of experience. I continue to recommend this program to anyone interested in becoming a well-rounded marketing professional." 
Mark C. headshot

Mark C., U.S. Field Marketing Senior Manager

"The Marketing Leadership Development Program not only provided me with diverse work experience and meaningful networking opportunities, but it challenged me and greatly accelerated my growth as a marketing professional and business leader. I graduated from the MLDP in 2019 and currently hold a leadership position within the Field Marketing organization, where we deliver data and insights to inform strategic marketing plans and activities that enable us to win in the marketplace."