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Sales & Contracting
Development Program

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The 2023-2024 recruiting season for this program is happening now! You can also visit our events page to see if we'll be on your campus in the near future. 
Cigna Group's SCDP associates at graduation

The Cigna Group’s Sales and Contracting Development Program (SCDP) is an intensive multi-week (July-September) training program designed for early career hires. The program is focused on developing the business acumen, negotiation, and relationship building skills required to quickly onboard participants and contribute to high quality, affordable healthcare. The SCDP has two strategic tracks, the Sales Track and Network Track, to onboard the next generation of client and provider-facing Sales and Network Professionals.

As a member of our Sales & Contracting Development Program, you'll learn how to navigate the first steps of your career, while being provided the support, training, and resources needed to transition into a full-time role as a New Business Manager, Client Manager, or Provider Network Contractor. 

Learn more & apply to the SCDP Sales Track.

Learn more & apply to the SCDP Network Track. 

Program Tracks:

​​​​​​​Sales Track Focus:
Selling skills and knowledge of our health products and solutions offered to employers (our clients). 
The track strategically aligns with skills specific to sales/distribution so early career hires can contribute to profitable growth at The Cigna Group within the U3000 Segment- Dental, Select and Middle Market U.S. Commercial Sales Teams.

Network Track Focus: Negotiation skills and an understanding of affordability, balancing quality, and cost of care for doctors, physicians, and the patients they serve. The Network track strategically aligns with skills specific to contract negotiation and the ability to assess opportunities that contribute to expanding and maintaining our network of providers, otherwise known as physicians, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

​​​​​​​Program Elements:

Daily Team Meeting

During this meeting, track leads and the cohort come together for team building activities, to network, or to discuss social, professional, and developmental themes.
Buddy, Mentor, and Coach

​​​​​​​Post-offer buddies are assigned for less formal support. Mentors assist managers in participants' growth, while post-program coaches assist participants in transitioing to a role & supporting a culture of high performance.
Field Time

efined by the program as any scheduled full days and/or weeks the cohort spends in their local sales or network office.
Alumni Engagement

​​​​​​​The SCDP has a combined alumni network of over 100 active employees. Alumni participate in activities such as coaching and mentor opportunities, lectures, and panels.
Leadership Speakers Series

​​​​​​​Participants will have the opportunity to meet several Enterprise, Sales and Network leaders during scheduled lectures, panels, and presentations.
Role Simulations/Presentations
Structured presentations and role play activities are strategically threaded throughout the program to ensure continued growth and development.
Capstone Project

​​​​​​​As a final assignment and to reinforce participants' knowledge, associates simulate a real-life work experience where participants role play in their future full-time roles.
Performance Check-ins

Ongoing performance check-ins & evaluations take place during the program. During evaluations, feedback relative to the trainee’s overall performance both in-program and during Field Time are provided.

​​​​​​​Take it from them...

Mary K M. headshot

Mary K M., New Business Manager

“As a first-generation college student, I was excited yet anxious to begin my career at a company as large as The Cigna Group. However, the Sales Academy program provided me with all of the support and resources necessary to transition confidently into my career in sales. During the summer training program, I was provided with the foundational knowledge necessary to understand the company mission and the real value we can offer to our clients through our programs and services. I spent 6 of the 11 weeks in a classroom setting at the headquarters in Bloomfield, CT, and the other weeks I was able to gain firsthand experience in the market I was hired to, Nashville, TN. Most importantly, I left the training with the friendships I’ve made with my classmates and the connections I’ve made with various members of leadership – all of which genuinely want to see me succeed. These connections are long-lasting, and I can always count to lean on them as I continue to navigate my career.”
Serina F. headshot

Serina F., Senior Client Manager

“The Sales Academy provided me with the skills, tools, and knowledge in order to succeed in my role as a Client Manager.  I learned how to be a trusted advisor and confident in the presence of brokers and clients through the program’s hands-on curriculum, support, and exposure to various teams and leaders in the company.  The Sales Academy invested tremendously in my growth during the early stages of my career, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity that has helped me become a leader within my industry and community.  I am proud to be a Sales Academy graduate!”