Interview Tips

​​​​​​​You landed an what?

We’re looking for ambitious, compassionate, and curious people who will support us in improving the health and vitality of those we serve. Use these step-by-step interview tips to help put your best foot forward.
#1: Do your research - Spend some time reviewing our website, rereading the job description, and researching the line of business the position you applied to falls within. Knowing what’s going on in our industry and having a general understanding of our services, products, customers, and competitors will help you feel more confident.

#2: Know your strengths - No one knows you better than you. Take some time before your interview to reflect on your career...What are you most proud of? What do you want to keep working on? What makes you uniquely prepared for this role? Highlight your successes and communicate the impact you've made in past roles.

#3: Practice your answers - Take time to research commonly asked interview questions and practice responding, it’ll help you feel more prepared. Keep your answers short and focused. When possible, use specific examples and quantify your results. Ask someone to listen to your answers and provide feedback or record yourself and listen for areas to improve. Repeat until you feel comfortable and confident.

#4: Planning and preparation are key Remember, you are the focus of the interview. If your interview is on-site, don't forget to bring any materials requested by the Hiring Manager and plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early. If you’re interviewing virtually, make sure you are comfortable and in a well-lit space prior to joining the meeting.  

#5: Be attentive - You’ll want to listen to each question carefully and give your undivided attention to the interviewer. When answering, maintain eye contact and remain engaged.

#6: Ask questionsThe best leaders are constant learners. Be inquisitive and remember, you're learning about us as we're learning about you. Don’t be afraid to interview us, too.

#7: Follow up - Send a “Thank you” notification via email, mail, or phone to anyone you speak with during the interview process. Be sure to ask about next steps if it's not covered in the interview.

For more advice from our hiring team, explore our Tips and Tricks series on YouTube here.